We've seen plenty of spoons that can fork, and forks that can spoon, but what about spoons that can fork, pop and slice? The Titanium Scork is a featherweight camping utensil that has both your eating and drinking needs covered, thanks to a couple of handy of implements at either end.

What do you gift the camping utensil that seems to have it all? Vargo's Titanium Spork was already a rudimentary yet seemingly complete piece of multipurpose cutlery, but it appears the designers don't mind a drink to wash their meal down with at camp.

So they've gone and equipped the tip of the handle with bottle opener as well. What's more, the bottle opener also serves as a can opener to slice open your tins of non-perishables. You add all this to the Titanium Spork and it hereby becomes the mighty Titanium Scork.

The implement tips the scales at a just 12 g (0.4 oz), featherweight compared to the relatively hefty Stainless Steel version of the same utensil at 25 g (0.9 oz). It also measures a sizeable 6.2 inches (15.8 cm) long, which should offer some handy leverage when popping, scooping and slicing.

If the Titanium Scork is ticking the your boxes, you can pick one up via Vargo's website for US$14.95.

Source: Vargo

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