If you have a love for quirky gadgets you might appreciate this toaster concept from designer Othmar Mühlebach. The ‘Printing Your Toast’ design looks like a mini desktop printer – and just like paper, a stack of sliced bread goes into the feeder at the top. Once it has printed…I mean…toasted - it falls onto a plate at the bottom.

The individual slices of bread run past a heater encased in the center of the device. Once the bread has toasted, it is ejected on to the base of the toaster – then the next piece of bread begins its journey. It’s not clear whether the base is heated but it would be a nifty way to keep your toast warm of you’re a bit slow on the uptake in the morning.

The design took out second prize at the Berner Design Awards, where the judges noted that it was not just an interesting concept, it was also aesthetically pleasing.

The awards are aimed at designers who work in the fields of furniture, lamps and lighting, home appliances or kitchens and bathrooms and is open to people from countries such as Belgium, France and Italy who are living or have lived in those countries for a certain period of time.

Mühlebach is an industrial designer and lives in Lucerne in Switzerland. His website explains his approach to designing products as creating functional and ergonomic pieces whilst maintaining aesthetically and emotionally appealing designs. Do you think he has succeeded with Printing Your Toast? I certainly do!

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