Developed by Hidepon Works, this train is about as bad-ass as model trains can possibly get. It's powered by a gas turbine engine, thus giving it a very noisy and very sexy jet-like sound as it prepares to "take off" on its run. We took a closer look at Make Fair in Tokyo.

It doesn't hurt that this particular train was big enough to sit on and ride either, as the designer had a control box with him in his seat near the back. While few real trains use this method of propulsion these days, it certainly makes for an impressive model.

Besides the engine itself (which appears to supply power to the wheels via an electric transmission) the body of the train is very well-crafted too, following the style of Japanese trains.

At Tokyo Make Meeting this model was drawing quite a big crowd, despite only having a few meters of track on which to perform demonstration runs. Check out our video below of Hidepon Works' quick run up and down the course. Pay special attention to the audio, because the sound is absolutely amazing.

Be sure to browse the Hidepon Works YouTube channel for even more videos of the maker zipping around on his train around like a boss. There are other interesting projects as well, such as this unusual train that sings a tune as it moves.

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