If you're after quirky concept car action, few places in the world can match the Tokyo Motor Show. From rotary-powered halo cars to cute custom Kei cars, it has something for everybody. Gizmag was on the ground at this year's event. Join us as we take a look at the best in show concepts and cars.

There was a real focus on autonomous driving in Tokyo, with lots of manufacturers showing off their vision for self-driving cars. The autonomous Mercedes Vision Tokyo has been designed to appeal to "Generation Z," with big wheels and funky LED lighting along the side skirts. It eschews the F 015's business-like exterior for flared wheel arches and big wheels, while the interior has been designed to act as a social space with a holographic display in the middle.

If you're more into driving than being a passenger, the Mazda RX-Vision will be more appealing to you. The RX-Vision is a pipe dream, a look at Mazda's ideal flagship coupe. As you'd expect of a Mazda flagship, there's a rotary under the hood and power is sent to the rear wheels. For now, the RX-Vision is just a styling concept, it doesn't actually have anything under the hood. But as far as static eye candy goes, it's quite the looker.

Ex Machina is demonstrating its transforming car in Tokyo, but did point out that it's still working on a cover for the mechanical bits poking out the back of the car.

A roundup wouldn't be complete without an oddball concept, and Honda's Wander Stand was one of the show's stranger creations. According to the company, the two-seater futuristic pod has been "designed to pursue the joy and freedom of mobility." Though demonstrations were frequent, journalists were not allowed to try it out for themselves.

We could ramble on about the cars of Tokyo for hours, but you'd much rather see them for yourself. You can check them out by having a flick through our 2015 Tokyo Motor Show photo gallery.

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show is now open to the public and runs until Nov. 8.

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