Tokyoflash Japan has unveiled yet another unusual watch - the Kisai Kaidoku. It was submitted to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog by 15-year old Tynan Mayhew from Canada and is the second fan-submitted watch design to makes it from concept to reality. Instead of the traditional numerical face and hands or digital readout, the LCD-based stainless steel wristwatch displays the time and date using flashing words.

Kisai Kaidoku's LCD presents numbers in the form of words, which are arranged in tightly packed lines. The flashing words indicate the hours and minutes, with additional characters indicating a.m. or p.m. Pressing a button on the side of the watch displays the current date, also by flashing relevant words.

The fact that all the words are always visible and the user must search for the blinking ones, coupled with the lack of spaces between the letters makes deciphering things a bit difficult - hence the Kaidoku moniker, which means to decode in Japanese. Add Tokyoflash watches have always been a little bit confusing anyway - remember the Kisai Wasted and PIMP watch?

Kisai Kaidoku also features an alarm mode, EL backlight function to illuminate the LCD in the darkness and comes with a genuine leather strap. It is available with a black case, black strap and a blue LCD, or silver case, white strap and either purple, green or blue LCD. The launch price of Kisai Kaidoku is US$119 (the offer is for a limited time though) and the regular price is set at US$139.

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