The latest design from the coffers of Japanese watchmaker TokyoFlash, the Kisai Zone LCD watch continues the company's quest to re-invent the timepiece for the post-smartphone generation by replacing boring old analog mechanisms with unabashedly geeky ways to tell the time.

Compared to some of TokyoFlash’s previous models, such as the Kisai Stencil and Kisai Wasted, the Kisai Zone looks to be relatively easy to decipher, though it will no doubt still prove capable of confusing anybody not in the know who happens to steal a glance at your wrist.

Configurable animations include one which sends hexagons spinning around the screen every 15 minutes

The always-lit LCD displays hours at the top and minutes in the center, while constantly evolving second and fractions of a second animations are located on the bottom and right hand side, respectively - all of which seems a lot less complicated once you've viewed the video below.

A push of a button brings up the date in month-day-year format and pressing it again affords access to the alarm mode. Another button serves to activate an electroluminescent backlight to improve readability at night, and all of this is powered by a standard replaceable watch battery which TokyoFlash says is good for at least a year’s use.

The Kisai Zone's body and clasp is constructed from stainless steel and the body weighs 140 g (5 oz), measuring 39 x 45.5 x 10.5 mm (1.5 x 1.8 x 0.4 inches). The adjustable unisex strap will accommodate wrists of approximately 100 - 210 mm (4 - 8.2 inches).

The Kisai Zone is offered in silver body with blue LCD, silver body with purple LCD, black body with green LCD, or all black, and costs US$139.

The promo video below shows off the Kisai Zone in further detail.

Source: TokyoFlash

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