Toshiba has announced that its new mSATA SSD storage solution, that was recently found inside Apple's new 11-inch Macbook Air, is being made available to other product developers. The super-slim Blade X-gale series comes in three capacity options and users can expect a fast read/write performance and a long life expectancy.

Toshiba's new storage solution was recently revealed as the storage library of choice for the Macbook Air when those inquisitive chaps at iFixit tore open Apple's new baby.

Doubtless a huge factor in Apple's choice of storage, Toshiba claims that its new Blade X-gale SSD storage solution is the thinnest available – at just 2.2mm for the 64GB and 128GB flavors. However, there's one more member of the family as yet unheard of.

The Blade X-gale 256GB solid state storage strip casts a slightly larger shadow at 3.7mm thin, but offers the same data read and write speeds as its thinner siblings, at 220MB per second and 180MB per second, respectively. As with other SSD solutions, there's a long life expectancy (a million hours) and low power draw.

The SSD series is currently being made available to system designers, but there's no word on whether the solution will ever make its way to the eager hands of Joe Public. Further details on Toshiba's solid state storage products are available at the company's website.