It's only been a few short years since kids who wanted to mimic grown ups and tap away on a laptop had to resign themselves to a bulky imitation from the likes of V-Tech. Nowadays, youngsters are able to get their hands on something a little more convincing - whether it's a fully-fledged, ruggedized laptop or a child-friendly tablet. Toshiba has just revealed a good example of a notebook created with kids in mind. Designed in collaboration with Best Buy, the new Satellite L735D 13.3-inch notebook sports a new easy-clean keyboard, runs on Windows 7, features a 320GB HDD and includes applications aimed at making surfing the web safer for kids.

While the specs of Toshiba's new kid-friendly, full-size laptop are not heart-stopping in themselves, the whole package will surely appeal to pre-teens looking for some mobile computing power, while also helping to keep parental fears over online child safety at bay. The L735D is powered by an AMD E-300 1.3GHz dual-core processor, runs on Windows 7 Home Premium and features the Kidzui web browser, developed to allow kids to surf the web in safety. Toshiba has also thrown in LEGO Harry Potter: The Video Game to keep everyone entertained.

If the millions of child-safe YouTube videos aren't enough to satisfy the young mind, there's a DVD optical drive to send movie favorites to the TrueBrite high definition display, and a built-in webcam and microphone for video chat. The HDD features a Hard Drive Impact Sensor, there's a unique wipeable chiclet keyboard to effortlessly clean away smudges left by messy hands, and the outer shell incorporates a fingerprint-resistant Neo X textured finish.

The Satellite L735D is available now exclusively from Best Buy for US$497.99.

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