Toshiba has updated its FlashAir wireless SD card with the FlashAir II, which, like the Eye-Fi and Transcend Wi-Fi SD cards, functions as its own wireless LAN access point to let users upload photos directly from their digital camera to a tablet, smartphone or PC.

The new card boasts Class 10 speed compared to the original model's Class 6 speeds, and is available with a maximum of 32 GB of storage, which is double the previous version.

The card's onboard wireless LAN chip supports access from up to seven devices simultaneously and allows photos to be uploaded to devices without an internet connection. It also boasts an internet pass-through feature that allows devices connected to the internet to access the card and the internet at the same time.

Toshiba has also created a FlashAir app for iOS and Android devices designed to make it easy to share photos on devices running on those platforms. The app is available as a free download.

Although owners of digital cameras that don't feature Wi-Fi capabilities are the main target market for the cards, any data stored on the card can be accessed on any device with Wi-Fi.

The 16 GB Toshiba FlashAir II card retails at US$79.99, while the 32 GB capacity card sells for $99.99.

Source: Toshiba

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