Toshiba’s JournE touch is a portable, wireless home multimedia tablet with a 7-inch (17.8cm) color touch screen display, which serves as a communication and infotainment center for every member of the household. Users can browse the Internet and download digital content anywhere in the house in a flash, because the device boots instantaneously. However, with its small size (only 14mm/0.5in thick) and great user-interface, we say families better get ready for a fight over who gets to use it.

Running Windows CE Pro 6.0 with Explorer and Multimedia Player 9.0, users can add their favorite icons to the menu (up to 15) to enable instant connection with movies, music, the Internet, their own content and, of course, social networking sites like Facebook, MSN Messenger, MySpace, etc, via the unit’s built-in WiFi 802.11 g/n connectivity. A handy icon to keep on the menu is the Organizer which should be used to book in your turn on the device.

Users can navigate around the 7” LCD 16:9 LED backlit touch screen with a fingertip menu and digital keyboard. The JournE touch is customizable as users can easily add applications, change icons and insert new links to favorite online platforms.

Downloaded movies can be played back on TVs or laptops via an optional cradle with a USB port and HDMI outlet, while the unit's Lithium-Polymer battery can run for up to 14 hours, allowing plenty of time to play music and socially network. Toshiba says the battery should last around two hours between charges for movies and web browsing.

“With the launch of the JournE touch, Toshiba is entering a new market for portable home multimedia devices,” says Marco Perino, General Manager PC Options, Peripherals and Service Division, Toshiba Europe. “The wireless device complements families’ digital lifestyles by offering easy access to and sharing of information, entertainment, and multimedia files from anywhere in the home."

Toshiba says the JournE touch is designed to take advantage of :

  • YouTube: the most used video sharing platform
  • Acetrax: Video-on-demand
  • FrameChannel: allows users to choose from a panel of different content providers
  • Picasa: organizes users’ personal photos on an online platform
  • Flickr: a popular online photo management and sharing application
  • MSN Messenger: voice and message-based chatting
  • RSS: RSS feeds keep users posted about news, weather, financials, or sports
  • The JournE measures 189mm (w) x 133.6mm (d) x 14mm (h) (7.4in x 5.2in x 0.5in) and weighs only 450g (15.8oz). It comes with 1GB of internal memory that can be extended to 32GB with an additional SD card, while an external hard drive can also be attached via the USB port.

    The JournE touch will be available from the fourth quarter 2009 on via selected resellers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


    • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g built in, supporting WEP, WPA. WPA2
    • Brightness: typ. 250 cd/m2, Contrast: typ. 300:1
    • Supported file formats: Picture: JPEG; Audio, MP3, WMA, Video: MPEG 4, H.264,divX, WMV
    • Win CE 6.0 pro with Internet Explorer and Windows Multimedia Player 9.0
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