February 20, 2009 Keeping your just-washed-and-polished car looking good longer and protecting it from the elements is a problem faced by motoring enthusiasts the world over. Enter the Touchless Car Cover: a ‘drive in, drive out’ cover that takes less than a minute to set-up and helps protect your car from rain, sun, dirt and mildew without, as the name suggests, sitting directly on your paintwork like standard covers which tend to trap moisture.

The Touchless Car Cover is the result of years of work by two self-confessed ‘gear heads’ who wanted to address the problems of traditional covers such as smudged windows, damaged paint due to scratches from dust and dirt, or mildew from trapped moisture caused by covering a newly washed car before it has fully dried.

Looking something like a pop-tent for automobiles, the Touchless Cover is made from 190T nylon and has a 50+ UV fire resistant and waterproof coating allowing it to be used outdoors as well as in the garage. There are no metal parts to rust or corrode and it provides easy access from either side while in use.

When folded-up, the Touchless Car Cover is approximately 48” in diameter by 2” thick and weighs around 12 pounds. It comes standard with a cable lock to prevent theft, and straps and buckles are available to secure it on windy days.

The Touchless Car Cover attracted a high profile nod from Jay Leno who called it "...a cool product" and invited the team to his garage to see it in action. It also won Car Accessory of the Year 2008 from Bench Racing.

There is currently just one size that fits sedans, coupes, sports cars and wagons up to 196" in length - so it wont suit an SUV - however the team is researching alternatives and plans to offer other sizes soon.

The Touchless Car Cover costs USD$299. For more information including demonstrations visit Touchless Car Cover.

Karen Sprey

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