Toyota GRMN Sports Concept II - lightweight, 295 bhp hybrid convertible

Toyota GRMN Sports Concept II ...
The GRMN by any other name would look just as good - shame about the acronym just the same
The GRMN by any other name would look just as good - shame about the acronym just the same
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The GRMN by any other name would look just as good - shame about the acronym just the same
The GRMN by any other name would look just as good - shame about the acronym just the same

Toyota will continue the growing trend among auto makers of announcing new models and concept cars at places other than auto shows by unveiling the GRMN Sports Concept II at the Nürburgring 24-hour race this weekend. The GRMN is a lightweight, petrol-electric hybrid convertible with 295 bhp. The 245 bhp V6 is located centrally and drives the rear wheels while the front wheels are electrically-powered to complete the sports-hybrid AWD system.

The customary bizarre Japanese concept name of GRMN is derived from "GAZOO Racing tuned by Meister of Nürburgring", which in turn means that it is the product of a vehicle development program created by GAZOO, while the "Meister of Nürburgring" refers to the late Hiromu Naruse, the head of GAZOO Racing and a Toyota test driver.

The GRMN SPORTS HYBRID Concept II is a revised version of a petrol-electric sports concept shown at Tokyo Auto Salon last year. The GRMN's sports-hybrid AWD system is claimed to improve stability and maneuverability, while increasing driving enjoyment.

More details on the weekend, but in the meantime, the following specifications have been released for the GRMN SPORTS HYBRID Concept II

  • Engine - Petrol V6
  • Displacement - 3,456 cc
  • Maximum output - 245 bhp
  • AWD System Maximum output - 295 bhp
  • Body Length - 4,350 mm
  • Width - 1,890 mm
  • Height - 1,200 mm
  • Wheelbase - 2,575 mm
  • Weight - less than 1,500 kg
  • Drivetrain layout - mid-engined with front electric motor
  • Front Tyres - 225/40R19
  • Rear Tyres - 255/35R19
Awesome! I\'ll have a blue one please :) Would love to see a shot of the back end though...
Martin Rayner
Yes but how many miles will it travel on the electric motor only.
Vaporware in a nice package. Wonder if we will every see it in production?
Looks like Toyota built the car by using a Porsche 911 Carrera cabriolet as the base.
Toyota needs to show us they know how to make a sports car again. If I had a family of six, I would buy a Toyota. But I don\'t. I used to buy a Celica or Supra every few years. I haven\'t bought a Toyota in years. I\'d buy a car like this in a heartbeat.
Nantha Nithiahnanthan
Very nice. The looks give it a nice blend of performance and sportiness. Looks like more a sports car than a supercar. A lighter & easier version of a full blown supercar. I like it very much. There was a Toyota Roadster in the 60\'s or 70\'s with simliar cute sportscar looks. I can\'t remembr what it was called. This looks like that car has come of age.
This is the era when supercars are really getting extremely potent and powerful. Maybe a little too much for enthusiast driver. This car seems ideally suited to start a slightly backwards step, towards affordable and drivable sanity.
Just the car to take on a breezy spin around some sunny island. And it\'ll still attract those chicks. Stylish and inviting, without being intimidating.
The word that best describes this is not \"supercar\" or \"on rails\" or \"driver\'s car\". The word that describes this is \"MOTORING\" with a capital M.