Nothing is more relaxing than the gentle action of a rocking chair, but what is exciting about this one is not just its contemporary look, but that it will convert to a comfortable armchair in about 20 seconds. Perfect for meditating on the veranda just like grandma, or catching a quick snooze in the office.

At Gizmag, we like to bring you the latest in furniture innovation. We’ve told you about the two in one convertible table-chair and office furniture made from recycled paper, but this new take on the old-fashioned rocking chair looks more at home on the bridge of Star Trek.

It is perfect for the sort of person who finds themselves sitting in a standard flat chair and dangerously rocking a little on the back legs (remember those teachers who told you off at school?). Or maybe you are the sort of person who likes the rocking chair concept, but doesn't want to stay that way all day?

As your mood changes, you can quickly convert the chair to either rocking chair or a straight armchair. The frame is made from carbon, and the seat is a comfortable elastic band. Check the images to see how the conversion works - the arms become the legs and vice versa.

Peter Vardai from Budapest in Hungary has come up with this fabulous design, that looks good in any modern location, and may also bring back childhood memories of "transformer" toys.

Check out his website (it's in Hungarian, but just look at the gallery images).

Sun beds, tables and chair sets, but some of them are almost unrecognizable as to purpose. This man is a true innovator!

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