Las Vegas casinos seek connections to The Boring Company's loop system

Las Vegas casinos seek connect...
A Tesla emerges from The Boring Company's test tunnel
A Tesla emerges from The Boring Company's test tunnel
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A Tesla emerges from The Boring Company's test tunnel
A Tesla emerges from The Boring Company's test tunnel
A look inside The Boring Company's test tunnel in LA
A look inside The Boring Company's test tunnel in LA

The Boring Company is yet to add the finishing touches to its recently excavated tunnel beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center, but a lack of polish hasn’t stopped two nearby casinos from wanting to get in on the action. Both Wynn Las Vegas and Resorts World Las Vegas are proposing new tunnels of their own, which would link up with the existing one to extend the autonomous transport system to two new destinations.

The Boring Company has a number of projects and proposals in the works, which include potential transport tunnels for the Chicago airport, a connection out to Dodger Stadium in LA and even underground transport systems for China. It has also built a test tunnel out of its own facility in LA, but its efforts beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center are by far the farthest along.

Work began last March, with The Boring Company burrowing a pair of one-way tunnels covering a distance of 3.2 km (2 miles) from end to end. Known as the Convention Center Loop, the system features three passenger stations where folks board autonomous Teslas that shuttle them back and forth at up to 155 mph (250 km/h). This will cut a 15-minute trip on foot to around one minute.

The Boring Company completed the second of these tunnels last month and is now in the process of preparing them for the public debut of the Convention Center Loop in January 2021. But it might not be too long before its tunneling machines go to work in Sin City once again.

The Wynn Las Vegas has submitted a land-use application for an underground tunnel that would connect the resort to the Convention Center around a block away. This link would hook up with the existing loop system and transport passengers in autonomous Teslas back and forth in under two minutes.

A look inside The Boring Company's test tunnel in LA
A look inside The Boring Company's test tunnel in LA

Resorts World Las Vegas, meanwhile, has done the same for its upcoming casino around two blocks away. If approved, it plans to begin construction later this year, while the casino is scheduled to open in the local summer of 2021.

“The proposed Resorts World Las Vegas passenger station would provide convention guests and visitors with a rapid and seamless experience between the Las Vegas Convention Center and Resorts World Las Vegas,” says Scott Sibella, President of Resorts World Las Vegas. “Convention guests would no longer have to worry about long walks or gridlock traffic around the convention center – they could take the transportation system to Resorts World Las Vegas for lunch, meetings, or personal appointments, and be back to their conference or expo in minutes.”

Source: Wynn Las Vegas, Resorts World Las Vegas

Los Angeles has a really bad traffic problem but it seems impossible to fix! For example, one time, The Boring Company was building a tunnel (which would help traffic) & the project got quickly sued by a group of residents (which forced many years of environmental studies) & forced to cancel! Maybe the problem is giving to much legal power to city residents? Maybe infrastructure projects should/must be made legally immune to lawsuit attempts (by NOT allowing them, by law)?
Will there be a 'transport fee"? Will larger vehicles be available that will carry more than 4 - 5 passengers? Are there any plans to run a tunnel to the new stadium?
So how many people can this transport in (say) an hour? Doesn't help much if you replace 15 minutes walk with 15 minutes waiting in line.