The market for cloud storage has ballooned rather quickly. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that SkyDrive had hit the 250 million user mark and that was followed not long after by Dropbox announcing its 175 millionth user. The explosion in popularity of cloud storage has naturally led to increased concerns about security, however, creating an opportunity that Connected Data gladly exploited with its Transporter device and, now, the Transporter Sync.

In essence, the Transporter is an external hard-drive that connects to your home network and allows users to access their files online, forgoing the need to use a public cloud storage service. The Transporter Sync differs in that users attach their own separate external hard-drive upon which cloud properties are then bestowed. The Sync allows for drives of up to 4 TB to be attached and, as with its older brother, users can easily access their documents, photos, videos and music via Android, iPhone and iPad apps.

Aside from its security benefit, the Transporter Sync also offers an attractive cost proposition. Where most paid cloud storage services require an ongoing subscription (above and beyond their free offerings), the Sync is available for a one-off cost of US$99 in the US or £89 in the UK.

"Families and businesses are finding it more and more difficult to synchronize data across all of their computers and mobile devices," says Geoff Barrall, CEO and Founder of Connected Data, when explaining the thinking behind the new addition to the company's product line-up. "With Transporter Sync, we provide an affordable and simple way for them to protect, share and access what matters most, with total privacy, a low one-time price and no hidden monthly fees."

The Transporter Sync can be used as a stand-alone device, or with other Transporters as a private network and is available now in the US, with other markets to follow within the next few weeks.

The following video gives a brief overview of the Transporter Sync.