We’ve seen big glass speakers and we’ve seen smaller models, but Trash Amps’ Jam takes the whole glass speaker thing down to a new level – it’s a speaker and amplifier, housed in a Mason jar.

Electronics do-it-yourselfers have been making glass jar speakers for a while now, perhaps most notably Sarah Pease with her audioJar. Like some of those DIY efforts, the Trash Amps Jam has its guts attached to the underside of the lid, with holes in that lid acting as a grille. In the case of the Jam, however, the jar’s tin lid has been replaced with more acoustically-friendly Baltic birch plywood.

An included curly cord with 3.5-mm plugs at either end allows users to play music from their mobile device through the Jam. An included adapter plug also allows them to use it with an electric guitar – an input switch lets them choose between MP3 and guitar line-in levels.

Little in the way of specs are available, although the device does apparently run for about 20 hours on one charge of its integrated battery.

Should you be nervous about breaking its glass body, Trash Amps also makes a speaker/amplifier that’s housed in a beverage can.

The Trash Amps Jam is currently available for about US$70, via the link below.

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