When done right, there's something uniquely appealing about a house in the woods, as evidenced by properties such as the Black Magic House and Espinar House. We can now add Kazakhstan-based Tree in the house, by local architect and designer Masov Aibek, to our growing list of dream woodland getaways – and perhaps it's the most unusual of the bunch.

Set to be located within the mountainous outskirts of Kazakhstan's largest city (and until 1997, its capital) Almaty, Tree in the house has been designed for two people. Essentially a simple cylindrical glass shape with four floors and a spiral staircase, the house will feature a tree running right through the center, and will shun privacy in favor of a stunning view.

The materials to be used in the construction of Tree in the house include glass and metal, with plasterboard inner dividing walls and wooden flooring. The basic structure will be prefabricated in a factory before being shipped to the woodland plot.

Construction is slated to begin in five months, and completed in 2014 at a cost US$361,000 (not including land). This may seem expensive, but the designer assures us that similar properties in the area regularly exceed $1 million. Indeed, Aibek further reports that he's already received orders to design and build three more houses.

We'll check in with Aibek for further details as the project matures and construction gets underway.

Source: A.Masow via DesignBoom

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