Located on the edge of a forest near Budapest, the prefabricated Black Magic House by T2.a Architects is, as its name suggests, both black and a house. The "magic" part? The home's basic structure was built in just two days, and the entire process – from sending off the digital plans to receiving the prefab parts and completing the structure – took only a week.

Like the similar Espinar House we recently reported on, Black Magic House is constructed from inexpensive building materials, in this case prefabricated laminated timber panels. This lends the interior a somewhat unfinished look, but judging from the gallery photos, it's in keeping with the natural theme of such a rural home, and despite the moniker there's nary a goat's head nor sacrificial altar in sight.

Black Magic House is heated by a wood stove and fireplace, with fuel provided by the nearby woods, thus potentially offering a sustainable source of fuel, depending on how the owners harvest the wood.

To offer additional protection against the colder winter months, the property was covered with a black UV-resistant membrane which is waterproof, and lends the home its color. T2.a Architects also reckons a second layer of black wooden panels may be a necessary addition in the future.

Construction was completed in 2012, and the process of building the basic structure is detailed in the brief video below.

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