It's easy enough to group camp chairs next to each other or even zip tents into a large indoor commune. But it may be difficult or impossible to string several hammocks up close enough to interact with friends. You'll need the right set of trees – or the new Tree-O Hammock Frame. This specially designed accessory takes care of the logistics so three hammockers can chat, play cards, share food and drink, and simply relax.

Treble Hammocks' original hammock is a triangular piece of fabric with straps at each corner. It's easy to see how that design helped inspire the Tree-O. Treble basically cut out the hammock fabric and connected the three straps together with a central ring.

Each strap wraps around a tree and tightens down by way of the integrated D ring. The trees can be anywhere up to 30 feet (9.1 m) apart and the Tree-O offers easy hammock attachment via its numerous hanger loops. Clip three hammocks to the Tree-O and you can chill out in suspended comfort with two camp mates.

Treble also shows multiple Tree-Os stacked above and below one another, creating an even larger suspended hammock community. The frame can also be used to hang just one hammock.

Treble is working to Kickstart Tree-O production, offering the frame at a pledge levels of US$69 and more. The $69 pledge level is sold out, but the accessory is still available at $79. Treble hopes to begin deliveries by November, if all goes according to plan.

Source: Kickstarter

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