TrekStor’s 3-in-1 hard disk

TrekStor’s 3-in-1 hard disk
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March 13, 2007 TrekStor will be presenting an interesting new external hard disk at CeBIT 2007 in Hanover later this week. Best known as a manufacturer hard disks, USB sticks and the world’s most expensive MP3 player, it’s latest creation is a 3.5 inch hard disk with integrated 9 format card reader compatible with anything from SD to compact flash memory cards plus dual USB 2.0 hub. Indeed, the DataStation maxi t.uch can automatically back up of its own data.

The new external hard disk is the ideal solution for performing daily backups and transporting or exchanging data. The included backup software allows data to be backed up immediately at the click of a switch, without the necessary settings having to be called up again. The new, mobile hard disk is also capable of reading 9 separate formats of memory cards – including MS duo pro, SD – Secure Digital Card and Compact Flash Card type I/II – via an integrated card reader. This allows data to be transferred smoothly and easily to the hard disk or the PC.

The benefit of these external reading devices is that, when transferring data to the PC, the power thirsty digital cameras, camcorders and MP3 players themselves no longer need to be supplied awkwardly with juice via the PC’s USB port. The integrated dual USB 2.0 hub enables further USB devices to be connected. The DataStation maxi t.uch offers extremely fast data transfer thanks to a high speed USB 2.0 interface, is bootable and has been preformatted for immediate use. The DataStation maxi t.uch will sell for between €119.99 (250 GB) and €174,99 (400 GB).

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