You'll find this quest just west of Ridgeland Tower. Solving the puzzle will summon the Toh Yahsa shrine, where you can get the shock resistant Rubber Armor. Here's how to do it.

The hint reads "When the four spirits have been settled in their proper places, they will guide you to the hero's trial."

It's raining, but you can use this ledge to climb up onto the raised platform in the center of the area. You'll see a purple orb on the ground, and a blue orb up on one of the pillars.

Knock the blue orb down with an arrow, and place the orbs in the receptacles of the corresponding color.

You'll find the orange and red orbs you still need on pillars surrounding the raised platform. The easy part is knocking them down with arrows, and the hard part is figuring out how to get them up onto the platform with the receptacles.

As with all puzzles in Breath of the Wild, the answer is staring you in the face. Carry them to this point, use Stasis, and hit them a few times to send them flying up to the raised platform.

Once you've placed the orbs in the right place, the Toh Yahsa shrine will appear.

Inside the shrine, the breakable blocks and the hint "Buried Secrets" will likely tempt you to start throwing bombs with abandon – but not so fast. You'll want to leave a path over to the ladder in the middle of the temple. If you've messed up, just leave the temple and come back inside to reset the puzzle.

Starting on one side, blow up one row of the blocks to reveal a metal block you can use Magnesis on. Blow up the block between the metal block and the starting platform to find a chest containing the Rubber Armor.

Blow up the blocks at the back of the room to find a pressure plate, and move the metal block onto it with Magnesis. This opens the door at the top of the ladder.

Head over to the ladder using the blocks you left intact, and blow up these last blocks to find the last ladder up to collect your Spirit Orb.

Before you leave the area, be sure to find the Korok burrowing around outside.

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