Today’s environmentally conscious householder is becoming more aware of their impact and more willing to do something about it. Simple power saving devices for around the home are one of the best places to start and and encouragingly, they are continuing to appear. One of the greatest wastes of energy in the household is standby power and here to combat this, is the TrickleSaver. With the ability to sense when a TV or PC is off and shut down any connected peripherals like games consoles or printers, TrickleSaver is looking to make “vampire power” a thing of the past.

The TV TrickleSaver has current sensing circuitry that senses when a TV is off, and cuts power to any connected devices like DVD players and consoles so there is no continuing flow of standby power.

Likewise, the “sister product” PC TrickleSaver connects via USB to monitor a PC’s power usage and when in standby mode or turned off, shuts down the flow of power to any printers, speakers and the like.

It is estimated that leaving a high powered games console on standby when not in use can cost up to $250 a year, and that standby power is responsible for up to 12% of consumers electricity bills, so it is not only one’s green credentials that can benefit from reducing this type of power usage.

The TV TrickleSaver is priced at around USD$35, with the PC TrickleSaver at around USD$25. Head to TrickleStar for a closer look.

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