US$150,000 Trident Iceni 70 mpg biodiesel supercar set for launch (again)

US$150,000 Trident Iceni 70 mpg biodiesel supercar set for launch (again)
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One of the most interesting supercars of recent years that has always bordered on the edge of vaporware, looks like finally becoming a reality. Fraught with on-again-off-again production arrangements, management-changes, restructuring, redesign and refinancing for almost a decade, the Trident Iceni is finally slated for launch at the UK's Cholmondeley Pageant of Power on July 15.

At the heart of the sleek Iceni is a modified 550 bhp, GM 6.6 liter, twin-turbo diesel V8 running bio-fuel, and according to previously released info, the Iceni will run to 230 mph, accelerate from 0-60 mph in under four seconds, and deliver 70 mpg at a constant 70 mph. It will also have 100,000 mile service intervals, and is expected to sell for around US$150,000.

We're not sure whether the latest incarnation of the Iceni (named after the original tribe that inhabited the Norfolk area where the car will be built, if indeed it doesn't become extinct like the tribe it is named after) now has the type of backing that will see the long-term project reach a satisfactory conclusion, but our understanding is that numerous deposits have been taken from potential customers over the years, and automotive manufacturing stories don't have a lot of happy endings.

In the last known specification for the Iceni, it tipped the scales at just 1,480 kg, ran its power via an eight speed automatic transmission and produced its maximum torque of 1,286 Nm at just 1,800rpm.

Perhaps even more interesting than the usual static displays we see when a vaporware product launches, the Iceni will be demonstrated on track regularly throughout the POP weekend.

The 2011 Cholmondeley Pageant of Power runs July 15-17 July at Cholmondeley Castle, Malpas, Cheshire.

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Cowfy Kaufman
the styling hints on this car are from the alfa romeo nuvola,and why not.if you take inspiration then take it from the best.
This car has three strikes against it: 1) a price that will be north of $150K, 2) it will be built in Britain, which is notorious for shoddy build-quality, and 3) it looks like a kit car.
Bill Bennett
four strikes and in the penalty box, the center console looks absurd with the four ovals, that photo hurt my eyes
5 strikes, the color combination is white and orange and a bit of I\'m nauseous...
\" 2) it will be built in Britain, which is notorious for shoddy build-quality, comment roelfe - June 3, 2011 @ 09:39 am PDT\"
Is it in any way significant that the decline of standards in British motor manufacturing ocurred in the second half of the 20th century - after the majority of the industry had been acquired by the likes of G.M., Chrysler, and Ford?
Sorry A\'Tuin - you can\'t blame the Americans for the quality of English motor manufacturing - that was British Leyland all the way. The government nationalised the industry, then let the socialists disembowel it. Good call on point 3 roelfe - to my eye it looks like they\'ve dusted off a 1970\'s era Marcos, tossed in a bit of late model TVR, then beat it with the ugly stick. It\'s not pretty - surely for $150k they could find an industrial designer to sort out the awkward styling. Hopefully it will go better than it looks.
your kidding right.... you really think the leaky,lousy electricals etc. of oh I dunno Jaguar, Land Rover were better before Ford aquired them........ really ......... you are kidding right???????????????
Michael Mantion
We in the US take great pride in exporting our sub par production standards. It is not easy to make a car as unreliable as one designed and built in the USA..
Found On the Road Dead
Personally I have never and will never, ever buy a car from the big 3 us car producers. My brothers Saturn has well over 200k miles.. Its a good thing they killed Saturn.
That said. The car above isn\'t terrible, I don\'t think its amazing, The interior is crap. Pitty few if anyone is going to buy it. I would love a nice small diesel car in the US, I doubt it will ever happen.
Mr Stiffy
70 mpg biodiesel? Ohhh it's BIO - diesel.... oh super. And only 70 miles to the galleon. To bring this out of the dark ages... that I assume will be UK galleons, that makes 4.5 litres, at 70 miles makes 112Km, or all up thats about 24Km a litre...
24 K's a litre? - and on diesel too?
What is so good about that?
I want 300K a liter - minimum.
The specs sound promising, but the price way to high. If I could afford a car of that price range I think the fuel cost for my weekend drive would not be a big concern. I agree that the interior needs improving the center console vents look like a cartoon face and although it may just be the angle of the shot but it appears that the steering wheel is not central with the middle of the drivers seat. If not, I would find that to be akward. I do aplaud the what they are seeking to accomplish, but fuel economy should be paired with a low total cost of ownership. If a maker can create decent performance for a value price all things considered than we drivers would gladly make them a financial success.
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