Trilobis 65 floating home features in new water park design

Trilobis 65 floating home feat...
The Trilobis 65 floating home
The Trilobis 65 floating home
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The Trilobis 65 floating home
The Trilobis 65 floating home

Designs have been unveiled for a new commercial and recreational marine park from Giancarlo Zema that incorporates the Trilobis 65 - a 20 metre long, multi-level semi-submerged floating home designed for habitation by six people featured in Gizmo 4.

Known as Lake Washington, the large-scale water themed entertainment venue will include boating amenities, shopping centres and a submerged restaurant.Visitors to the park ride in small submersibles, kayaks, sailboats and electric powered watercraft for recreation and to visit the underwater restaurant, floating Trilobis 65 homes and waterside cafes and facilities for the performing arts.

The first class underwater dining room that provides a 360-degree illuminated view of a submerged wreck and small manned submersibles. Lake Washington also features a glass enclosed Shopping Mall that houses a tropical avian area, a Submarine Docking and Instruction Area where visitors can learn how to pilot a small submersible or rent a sailboat or electric boat.Trilobis 65 residences will also feature throughout the park and a concert arena and business conference facility for meetings and lectures.For further information visit or follow the links below to learn more about the Trilobis 65 and other Giancarlo Zema designs previously featured in Gizmo.

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