A typical iPhone charging cable is between half a meter and a meter in length, and has a slim cord that is prone to tangles and isn't particularly hard-wearing. This combination is fine for most users and most situations, but Trunk offers an alternative to the norm.

Trunk, from ILoveHandles, is a charging cable for the iPhone and iPod, but one that is configured slightly differently from the regular options.

It's much shorter and sturdier than regular iPhone charging cables, with a solid-yet-flexible cord measuring just a few inches in length. This means tangles are a thing of the past, and it will bend rather than tear apart, increasing its lifespan.

Trunk can be posed in various positions, meaning it doubles as a makeshift iPhone stand. While charging your iPhone with a computer you can have it facing you to receive messages, and while driving you can have it positioned to provide simple GPS functionality.

Trunk is available to buy now for US$19.95.

Source: ILoveHandles via Gizmodo

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