For many of us, the digital age has resigned our vinyl collection to gather dust in the corner. There are already numerous devices which offer to convert and clean up the crackly sounds coming through the stylus, so why bother with another flavor? Rather than having to load converted files onto my laptop and then onto my MP3 player or phone, the Turntable iPhone Dock would cut out the middle man altogether and transfer encoded files onto the horizontally-docked iPhone.

It's not the first or the only time we've seen a vinyl player that offers to directly convert LPs to digital file format, but Olivier Meynard's concept is one of the very few to contain its own modern amp and sound bar, which holds the promise of room-filling sonic enjoyment as well as stylishly retro aesthetics.

The Turntable iPhone Dock could operate at 33.3 and 45 RPM, would also charge the docked device while dropping over the MP3s, and would presumably accommodate an iPod and iPod touch, too. Although intended to negate the need for a laptop or computer, there'd likely be USB connectivity offered to cater for those who might want to remove crackle and hiss, or otherwise digitally enhance the converted file. It would also be a little remiss not to offer connectivity for non-Apple devices.

Meynard told Gizmag that he has created a working prototype so we could well see this concept being brought to market. I certainly hope so.

Source: Yanko.

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