Twentieth Century Fox is cranking up the star power at its Century City studios, where Solar Power, Inc. has completed the installation of a large solar array. The 160 kW photovoltaic (PV) solar system was mounted on Fox Studio's historic Building 99 using Solar Power's SkyMount commercial rooftop system, as well as conventional racking. The new PV system is the movie giant's first on-site renewable energy system.

For many companies, on-site alternative power systems don't only generate electricity, but positive PR as well. Add in the cost savings, government subsidies and tax breaks, and it's easy to see why organizations such as Google, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and even the US Air Force are installing alternative energy systems at their offices and stores.

Google's campus-wide solar array provides up to 30 percent of its electricity, for example, and it has further supplemented its on-site generation with a Bloom Energy Server.

Solar power systems are attractive to businesses because they can be installed on the large flat roofs found on many corporate campuses. On the Fox lot, Solar Power Inc. installed the system panels to blend in with Fox's historic Building 99 architecture, which features a vaulted barrel roof.

Another advantage of solar systems is that they generate the most energy when power is the most expensive – during the peak afternoon hours. The 160 kW DC PV system should produce enough power to supply the equivalent of up to 150 homes.

Details about the project are available at the Solar Power, Inc. website.