Today on its blog, Twitter announced new efforts targeting abuse and harassment. The social media platform is attempting to curb banned users from creating new accounts, rolling out a "safe search" option and removing abusive, low-quality tweets from prominent places in the reply feed.

Twitter bans users that repeatedly violate its rules. The company is taking new measures to identify banned users before they can create new accounts. It has not specified exactly what these measures will be, apart from the fact it will focus on "accounts that are created only to abuse and harass others."

The safe search option is being rolled out gradually. It hides content containing sensitive materials as well as tweets from blocked or muted accounts. These tweets still exist if you do want to view them, but they are initially hidden from the search results.

Lastly, Twitter has said that abusive and low-quality reply tweets will be collapsed automatically within the coming weeks, in an effort to keep relevant conversations in the most prominent positions. Again, collapsed tweets aren't being deleted, only hidden, and will still be accessible by those looking for them.

Source: Twitter