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Two-Day Log Home Building Class

Two-Day Log Home Building Clas...
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February 17, 2005 Fancy a home for constructed from 100% sweat equity? The Log Home Builder's Association of North America offers a two-day class on building log homes from scratch. The next class will be taught on February 23rd and 24th at the 7,000 square foot log home used in the filming the television show, 'Northern Exposure.' The same log home is part of the association's ranch located in Monroe, Washington.

The 7,000 square foot log home used in the filming of the television series "Northern Exposure" as the home of retired astronaut Maurice Minnifield (played by actor Barry Corbin) serves as the backdrop for a two-day class on building log homes, offered by The Log Home Builder's Association.

In addition to teaching the craft of log home building, the Association shows students how to use pioneering techniques to build their home from scratch without a log home kit. Many of the association's students have built their log home without a mortgage. One of the Association's students built a home (main pic) and sold it for US$160,000 profit immediately. He can build two such homes each year.

All of the pics on these pages were homes built by Association students after attending the courses.

The two-day class is offered periodically throughout the year to students who fly in from around the world to learn the craft of building their own log home. The cost of the class is included in the association's lifetime membership fee of US$795 (US$695 each for groups of two or more).

The Log Home Builder's Association of North America has been teaching students to build their own log homes and log cabins from scratch since 1965 and currently has over 45,000 members throughout the world. The association was founded by Skip Ellsworth, a fifth-generation log home builder who is considered the world's foremost authority on log home construction.

View gallery - 9 images
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