September 15, 2008 The submarine was invented several hundred years before the automobile, but it’s not surprising that it is taking a little longer to reach ubiquitous recreational usage. A bent fender is small change indeed compared to the inconvenience of Decompression Sickness, asphyxiation or perhaps being crushed to death. The risk of such perils had to be comprehensively mitigated before recreational submarines could safely come to market and the Dutch U-Boat Worx was the first to get it all right with the C-Quester one-seater CQ1 and two-seater CQ2. Now the company is set to launch a completely revamped CQ2 aimed at the SuperYacht Market and a two-, three- and four-seater CQ3 (pictured) aimed at the tourism industry.

The most significant of the new submersibles is undoubtedly the CQ3 which presents a solid business case for the development of a charter business in high-end tourism where diving is currently offered.

The CQ3 is built to the highest standards and offers a significant passenger payload, quick turnaround times, low operational costs, easy and safe embarkation and disembarkation, powerful air conditioning system, and a splendid view for its passenger of the underwater world.

With the CQ3, U-Boat Worx offers different configurations for two, three and even four persons. The standard CQ3 is designed to accommodate a pilot and 2 large passengers. A special version is offered in which the seating arrangement accommodating three “small” passengers. This standard layout may also be changed into a luxury 1 pilot, 1 passenger configuration with luxurious seats and an increased freedom to accommodate additional comforts.

U-Boat Worx will introduce the new C-Questers at the Monaco Yacht Show next week complete with Germanischer Lloyd insurance classification.

Prices start from UKP315,000 (EUR395).

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