Ohio-based healthcare startup Caring Things has joined the fledgling smart thermometer space with an ear bud-sized thermometer that plugs directly into the audio jack of your smart phone.

The Tympani is an infrared ear thermometer that reads the temperature of the ear drum (or tympanic membrane) and can also measure liquid and surface temperatures. It then converts the temperature reading into an audio signal that is read by your smart phone.

The device is made with a soft rubber tip to prevent it from being pushed too far into the ear and delivers a reading in just 2 seconds (handy for parents of sick, squirming children).

Through its accompanying app (both iOS and Android), the Tympani allows you to keep a record of temperatures, track symptoms or enter detailed notes into the health journal. You can also share your records securely with your physician or virtual doctor.

The Tympani Smart Thermometer is a CE certified class 2 medical device and the company says it expects to have FDA clearance by November 2015.

The company is raising funds for the Tympani on Indiegogo and taking pre-orders on its website at a relatively affordable price of US$25. The device is expected to ship in December 2015, after which it will sell for $35.

Caring Things says it also plans to develop a weight scale and blood pressure monitor run from the same app in the not too distant future.

Source: Timpani

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