A new UV-monitoring device may help take some of the guesswork out of knowing how much time to spend in the sun. Developed by Australia's Healthtronics Sunsafe, the UBSafe come in three different models, and is attached to a hat or other headwear. From that location, it can tell you when your particular skin type has had just the right amount of UVB rays.

Healthtronics claims that UBSafe was designed with input from dermatologists, and was developed to combat the rise in cases of skin cancer. The company spent five years testing to ensure that the device was correctly calibrated for each skin type.

You simply press one of five switches on the water-resistant device that matches your particular skin type, then attach it to a hat before going outside. The UBSafe subsequently monitors your UVB exposure, and emits an audible alarm when you're about to exceed that amount.

The angled top end of the solar-powered device allows for constant exposure to the sun whether you are walking, standing or lying down. If you accidentally leave your UBSafe in the sun while you are inside, simply flipping the Daily Memory switch up and down will erase your false dose for that day, but the main memory remains intact.

The three different UBSafe models include the UBSafe 1 which sells for AUD$73 (US$51), the UBSafe 2 which includes an attached earpiece for users who might be hard of hearing (AUD$85/US$59), and the UBSafe 3 for industrial use, that comes with a special helmet attachment and attached earpiece (AUD$95/US$66).

UBSafe is one of several personal UV-monitoring devices introduced over the last couple of years, along with the Sunfriend UV and Smartsun wrist bands, and the Netatmo bracelet.

Source: UBSafe

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