We're spoiled for choice when it comes to unusually-shaped European getaways lately, what with Portugal's Sustainable Tree Snake Houses, and Bordeaux's Le Tronc Creux. Now the recently-completed Austria-based Ufogel retreat can be added to the list, and it might be the strangest looking so far.

Deriving both name and shape from the blending of a UFO and a bird (Vogel is "bird" in German), Ufogel is situated next to an old farmhouse in the East Tyrollean village of Nussdorf. The holiday home is built almost entirely from larch wood and set atop steel stilts which both add to the unusual appearance, and serve the more practical purpose of allowing it to be built on a slope.

Perhaps designer Peter Jungmann is on to something with Ufogel's design however, because despite measuring a relatively modest 45 sq m (484 sq ft), there's still room for up to eight guests to dine comfortably. In addition, Ufogel contains a kitchen and dining room, lounge, bathroom, and a bedroom that sleeps up to four people.

Apart from the obligatory wood-burning stove, Ufogel has amenities such as underfloor heating and air conditioning. The interior decor is modern and very minimal, thus ensuring that the focus remains on the view outside – which shouldn't be too much of a concern given the surroundings.

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