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UltraCell XX25 beta units ready for sale

UltraCell XX25 beta units ready for sale
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June 14, 2006 UltraCell announced the launch of the XX25 reformed methanol micro fuel cell system, at the Power Sources Conference, in Philadelphia, yesterday. The event marks the first occasion when beta units of the XX25 formally go on sale to customers in critical markets. The UltraCell XX25 is powered by a unique, proprietary reformed methanol fuel cell technology that provides totally wireless portable power anytime, anywhere. The UltraCell XX25 is able to run a ruggedized laptop computer for up to three working days on a single fuel cell cartridge. It can also run other portable electronic equipment for emergency responders, operating off of simple and inexpensive methanol cartridges. In addition, the XX25 can be configured with large volumes of fuel for weeks of runtime in stationary applications such as remote video monitoring. Because its lightweight cartridges are hot-swappable, the UltraCell micro fuel system is able to operate indefinitely without any need for electrical recharging, as long as fuel is available.

“This occasion is a major step forward for micro fuel cell technology,” said James Kaschmitter, CEO of UltraCell. “It represents our official going-to-market with a revolutionary methanol fuel cell system that will literally cut the cord from electrical dependence. Beta units of the XX25 are available for order now by qualified customers in a wide variety of market segments, including military, ruggedized PCs, satellite systems, first responders, remote monitoring and industrial applications.”

UltraCell has designed the XX25 to U.S. military testing specifications, ranging from extreme operating temperatures to severe vibration and shock conditions. The XX25 has been tested in sub-zero and high temperature environments and continued to operate while being dropped and shaken. The UltraCell system is now undergoing test and evaluation for military applications. Successful completion of this testing will allow the XX25 to be used in a full range of ruggedized electronic product applications.

UltraCell’s patented reformed methanol fuel cell (RMFC) system generates fuel-cell-ready hydrogen from a highly concentrated methanol solution. The new portable power system thus has the power density of a hydrogen fuel cell but uses the readily available, low cost methanol fuel in a convenient, compact package.

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