Having a baby is perhaps the most life-changing event one can experience, so it’s only natural for proud parents to share the news on their social network of choice. However, in the quest to spread infant-related joy to the world, some parents over-share. Chome-only browser extension Unbaby.me provides a solution to this distinctly modern problem by removing baby photos from your Facebook News Feed and replacing them with pictures of cats, dogs, bacon, or whatever else you'd prefer to see.

The extension works by searching for keywords that the developers reckon to be commonly used by gushing parents – words such as "adorable", "precious" and "angel" will all spring the browser extension into action. Should an offender somehow slip through the cracks, new keywords can be configured from within the extension's preferences.

When the relevant keywords are detected, the baby image is automatically replaced with something chosen from an RSS Feed, which can also be tweaked by the user. Instagram's Cats tag is already built-in to provide photos of felines on demand, but Unbaby.me's developers also offer some examples of other RSS Feeds if you'd like to mix things up a bit.

There's no word yet as to any plans to bring the extension to browsers besides Chrome, but if you're running Google's browser then hit the source link below to get Unbaby.me.

Source: Unbaby.me

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