Who wouldn't like to fly around underwater? You can already sort of do so using devices such as the SeaBob, although you're still basically just "along for the ride." If SCP Marine Innovations' Underwater Jet Pack reaches production, however, it looks like it should provide an experience much closer to that of being Aquaman.

The current functioning prototype incorporates two forearm-worn marine thrusters, that are powered by a hard-wired lithium-ion battery pack worn on the abdomen. By holding their arms out in front of themselves and then angling them one way or another, users are able to steer by thrust vectoring. A hand-held control unit is used to adjust speed.

SCP founders Simon and Chris Parke are now trying to raise funds for commercial development of the system, on the ShareIn crowdsourcing site. They hope to have the Underwater Jet Pack available for purchase next year, at an estimated price of £3,500 (US$5,700).

The prototype can be seen in use (albeit sped up in editing) in the video below.

Source: ShareIn

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