Unique opportunity to watch entire restoration in 3 days

Unique opportunity to watch entire restoration in 3 days

January 4, 2009 Fear of the unknown often prevents us from fulfilling ambitions, and one aspiration common to many males is to lovingly restore an automobile. Coming up in Coventry in March is a rare opportunity to see how it’s done from go-to-whoa when a team of experts will restore a mid-1940s Allard L Type to its former glory on the Race Retro 2009 show floor in just three days. Sheet metal experts Contour Autocraft will demonstrate how to repair and recreate steel panels for the body, Jonspeed Racing will be rebuilding engines and restoration experts David A.C. Royle and Co will offer a unique insight into the craft of Ash Frame making. For those who appreciate craftsmanship, it’s an absolutely unique opportunity to time-lapse a process normally undertaken over years into a three-day tertiary course in rare craftsmanship, not to mention a weekend of auto nostalgia for the lads.

A team of historic motoring racing mechanical experts will aim to restore back to its former glory at Race Retro, held from 13th to 15th March 2009 at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry. The Allard L type four-seater tourer is chassis number 136 making it only the18th of its type to be built and one of the earliest post war Allards known to exist.

It isn’t very often the British public gets to see an Allard J2X sports racing car, as there are only four in the country, let alone gets the opportunity to see what’s going on under the paintwork. Ex Salvage squad member and historic racing car enthusiast Jerry Thurston will bring his 5.4 litre V8 Chrysler 'Fire Power' engined 1952 example along, and strip its body panels off to let everybody see what is going on under the alloy skin whilst he and the team get on with its winter rebuild.

Back by popular demand after thrilling the visitors at the last Race Retro will be the Ken Fox Troupe riding their Vintage Wall of Death and for those who like to be more laid back, the Ace Café will provide an ideal spot to soak up the atmosphere. Following its success last year, the Ace Café will run and expand its popular Café Concours competition.

The Pre '65 bike trials also makes a welcome return with a challenging indoor course of seven obstacles designed by current top performing Pre '65 trials riders Mick Grant and Neil Gaunt. Look out for leading solo riders and the always spectacular sidecar crews direct from the Pre '65 trials championship.

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