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Universal Portable Power Solution for Electronic Devices

Universal Portable Power Solution for Electronic Devices
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August 30, 2006 The new Xantrex PowerSource Mobile 100 offers an interesting and almost universal handheld power system that can operate multiple electronic products at different voltage and power levels. The US$130 PowerSource Mobile 100 is the only compact mobile power source with an AC outlet and two USB outlets with the capability to operate portable devices at varying power levels. This goes beyond products currently available on the market, and it means consumers can now operate or charge a high power product like a laptop, and low power devices such as an iPod and a cell phone all at the same time. Approximately the size of a laptop battery and weighing about one pound, it combines a 100-watt DC to AC inverter with a high output lithium ion battery to provide backup power for mobile devices. It can be recharged from any AC electrical outlet or from a DC outlet in a vehicle or airplane. It provides both 120 Vac and 5 Vdc (USB) power for use with portable products.

"The versatility of the Mobile 100 is what takes this product to the next level compared to those currently available," said Xantrex CEO John Wallace. "Not only does it have multiple universal outlets, both AC and USB, it is the only portable power product on the market that can operate both high and low power mobile devices, so consumers only need to carry one power source. Xantrex has been an advanced power electronics leader for more than 20 years, and we're dedicated to designing the best portable power products on the market. We've leveraged that experience to develop this unique product that addresses the increasing power needs of people on-the-go."

The PowerSource Mobile 100 can operate a laptop computer for approximately two hours, a portable DVD player for three hours, a portable game console for 12 hours, or an iPod nano for 72 hours. It can also provide 12 days of standby power for a cell phone and 34 days of standby power for a Blackberry.

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