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Universal Rechargeable Battery/Charger Powers and Charges Multiple Personal Electronic Devices

Universal Rechargeable Battery/Charger Powers and Charges Multiple Personal Electronic Devices
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June 3, 2005 One of the biggest tragedies of daily life is running out of a ready supply of electrons - being connected requires electricity and without it, well, it's instant Stone Age, isn't it! Accordingly, a rechargeable battery that powers and charges all of your mobile devices is a good idea. Created by Tekkeon, a company that specialises in innovative products designed to simplify everyday life, myPower ALL powers and/or charges portable DVD players, digital cameras and camcorders, portable media centers, portable MP3 and CD players, PDAs, and mobile phones, and many notebook computers - virtually any portable device.

myPower ALL can be used to power a device, while simultaneously recharging the device battery. Truly a universal battery, myPower ALL provides up to five hours of extra play time on a portable DVD player, up to three hours on many notebook computers, up to 4000 extra photographs, and up to 10 hours of recording time on a digital camcorder -- before needing to be recharged. myPower ALL will even extend the play-time of the battery-hungry portable media centers for an additional 10 hours of video or 25 hours of audio playback.

"myPower ALL is ideal for use as an additional battery, or as a charger for portable devices," says Tekkeon president Jerry Yang. "For battery hungry devices, like portable DVD players and notebook computers, myPower ALL is beneficial as an additional battery when the time between recharges greatly exceeds the available play time on a device.

In this case, myPower ALL extends the use of the device well beyond the time provided by the device battery. For smaller devices, like mobile telephones and PDAs, myPower ALL is the perfect mobile charger, enabling users to carry just one charger for several portable devices."

myPower ALL connects to the power jack on the portable device. To ensure compatibility with a majority of popular personal electronic devices, myPower ALL comes with eight adapters, enabling connection to over 300 devices. Tekkeon provides a list of compatible devices on its web site at For those devices that require adapters not included in the package, Tekkeon provides additional adapters for a nominal fee.

To use this new rechargeable battery, a user simply connects myPower ALL to the power jack on the mobile device. A voltage selector and lock on myPower ALL lets the user choose the correct input voltage for connected device (from 3V to 14V), then lock it to ensure that voltage doesn't change while the battery is powering or charging the device.

myPower ALL is lightweight, weighing just 11.8 ounces, so it fits easily into a backpack, fanny-pack or briefcase.

The myPower ALL package includes: * myPower ALL rechargeable lithium polymer battery * Power adapter (24 VDC outlet) * Power output cord * Adapters for connection to most devices (eight adapters) * Leather carrying case with belt loop * User guide

The additional usage time provided by myPower ALL, depends on the connected device: Mobile Device Additional Battery Capacity (approx) Portable DVD Player 5 hours Notebook Computer 3 hours Digital Camera 4,000 photos/9 hours Digital Camcorder 10 hours Portable Media Center 10 hours (video)/25 hours (audio) MP3 Player 35 hours PDA/Pocket PC 12 hours Mobile Phone 50 hours

The MSRP for each myPower ALL model is US$119.95. Available at retail and on-line stores and from the Tekkeon store, myPower ALL comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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