Action cameras have been strapped to dogs, chainsaw-wielding drones and everything in between, but there's a new benchmark for homegrown heroes and their action-cam videos courtesy of UP Aerospace. Having strapped a GoPro HERO 4 to the outside of its SpaceLoft-10 sounding rocket, the company launched it into the thermosphere, gathering some footage that's simply out of this world along the way.

As fast as the suborbital rocket's 3,796 mph (6,110 km/h) top speed is, and as impressed as we are with the fact it climbed to 396,405 ft (120.82 km), the video leaves us with one big question: how did they stop the cameras falling off? There's no way it was with GoPro's own suction mount, because we couldn't get that to stay put on the Renault we filmed last year, and that was at speeds comfortably below Mach 5.

Once it reaches peak altitude, the rocket ejects its re-entry capsule, which safely touches down at the end of the video.

The video is featured as part of the GoPro Awards competition. Check it out below.

Source: GoPro via YouTube

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