This one-size-fits-all packaging concept delivers an efficient way to send an item by reducing bulk and cost while keeping your goods safe from bumps and scrapes in transit. The clever Universal Packaging System (UPACKS) system – not be confused with UPS (United Parcel Service) – from designer Patrick Sung uses perforated sheets made from recyclable corrugated cardboard that can snugly pack almost any shaped item, whilst reducing the need to pad-out empty spaces.

The key to the design is the triangle-shaped perforated lines which make the packing process easy no matter what shape you are dealing with. The sheets are also strong enough to avoid the need for excess padding and can also create a classic six-sided box if so desired. By reducing the unwanted packing space, your postal bill should also see the difference.

At this stage, the concept design is just that, but any idea that could put an end to bubble-wrap has got to be worth thinking about.

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