Innovative new Portable Power Products for Vehicles

Innovative new Portable Power Products for Vehicles
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Here’s a solution with what we anticipate is massive latent demand – two strong names (Energizer and UPG) have allied to produce a line of energy-related automotive products that can charge portable devices, run kitchen appliances, jump-start a car and even inflate a tire. There’s even a US$140 all-in-one product that includes an inverter that will allow motorists to convert power from the vehicle’s DC adapter to AC and USB outlets, a jump starter that jump-starts vehicles without a second vehicle, and an air compressor for inflating, tires, airbeds, inflatable toys ad infinitum.

Energizer and UPG, a leading provider of third-party logistics and supply chain management services, and a distributor of batteries and power accessories, are launching three initial SKUs of their new product line at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

"We are excited to have this opportunity to combine our expertise in portable power and technology with a trusted household brand like Energizer," said Randy Hardin, president and CEO of UPG. "Our partnership represents a trusted brand platform for consumers who expect quality and reliability from their portable power products.”

"Partnering with UPG makes sense for Energizer, our retail partners, and for consumers," said Danielle Kyriakos, director of new business development at Energizer. "At Energizer, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to power people’s lives. We developed these products with UPG to provide solutions with the user in mind. They were designed to be more user-friendly and less intimidating, giving people the power they need wherever and whenever they need it whether they are at home, on the road, or at a campsite."

The new line of products from Energizer and UPG will be available through automotive, mass merchandise, and other retailers.

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