There’s no doubt that the wonders of modern technology allow for some pretty special experiences and benefits that would leave the previous generation wide-eyed with disbelief – just yesterday I was watching a World Cup match on an iPhone outside a pub in flawless quality – but do you ever find yourself pining for simpler times? If so, even if it's more for nostalgia than practical purposes, the USBTypewriter could be right up your street.

This modernized blast from the past is designed by Jack Zylkin and is compatible with USB devices such as computers, portables, and even the iPad. It simply acts as an auxiliary keyboard, with the added benefit of a reassuring ‘ker-chunk’ each time you hit a key to send the corresponding letter flicking up into position.

The device is available to purchase complete, or you can grab instructions on how to buy a kit and build your own from the official site. You can also send your own typewriter in to be customized.

Gimmicky it may be, but as modern testaments to old-school technology go, this at least still holds some charm.