UVEX variotronic helmet visor automatically adjusts to light

UVEX variotronic helmet visor automatically adjusts to light
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Riding a motorcycle into bright sunlight can produce some dire outcomes, and though there are some manual solutions which significantly reduce the risk, there's never before been a solution quite like this one. This year’s Intermot Motorcycle show in Koln will see a significant and long awaited “first” for motorcyclists – a “variotronic” helmet visor. This double lens visor from UVEX can be electronically switched from light to dark by pressing a button and it can even be switched to automatic mode, where the lens is controlled directly by an integrated photo cell.

We'll need to wait another week for the the fine details but UVEX has already publicly stated that in direct sunlight, the visor can automatically reduces light transmission from 65 to 25 percent. The new visor will initially be one of two visors which will ship with the company's range-topping GT500 model helmet, though logically, they'd be mad not to make the visor available for other models in the UVEX range, and indeed, as an aftermarket accessory for other helmet brands. Helmets are a very personal item that need to fit comfortably for often very long hours, so although the undoubted quality of UVEX helmets might be perfect for many, it won't suit everyone – so let's hope they make the special visor available to all.

The UVEX gt 500 helmet will be sold as a package with the variotronic visor plus a clear double visor for riding in the rain and at night.

Bahman Taheri
Actually, this film is made by AlphaMicron based on its etint technology. The product is also available for aftermarket through
User-adjustable photovoltaic triggered auto-darkening eye protection for gas and electric welding have been marketed for years. Adding this feature to a motorcycle helmet may or may not stand the test of \"obvious use\" required for this to endure a patent challenge. I\'ve ridden a motorcycle wearing an user-adjustable photovoltaic-triggered auto-darkening welding helmet. That helmet certainly did not qualify with Snell head-protection impact performance standards. But the auto-darkening worked. This is a great innovation?
Bruce Balensiefer
This isn\'t actually the first such product on the market. Wiki helmets has had a photochromic \"WikiShift\" system for a few years:
Lloyd Magruder
Wikishift wasn\'t the first either. Akuma helmets actually created the first visors both chromoelectric and photochromatic. Wiki simply stole the idea before the patents went through.
Regardless, this is juts more Chinese knockoff helmets that I wouldn\'t trust my head in.
Bahman Taheri
Actually this is not photochromic or electrochromic. It is also not welding type helmet too. This is made by AlphaMicron in USA based on a new technology developed for the Air Force fighter pilots. Completely new and completely patented For more information visit