Italian company Vado Libero recently launched a collection of innovative furniture pieces designed to compliment a cycling lifestyle. We checked out the collection during this year's Milan Design Week and it stood out by virtue of its practical design, craftsmanship and use of high quality materials. The collection includes three modules, which not only make storing a bike and its accessories easy, but also offer an aesthetic which transforms your bike into an interior show piece.

"We wanted to combine the best craftsmanship with the ultimate design to broaden the cycling experience," says Vado Libero. "And then, we put in an obsessive amount of attention to detail and worked side by side with people who actually sew, cut, build, hack and hammer what we had originally conceived."

Bike Shelf

The Bike Shelf has been especially designed to transform one's bicycle into an indoor sculpture or feature piece. Built for the living room, the unique piece of furniture frames a bicycle in the center of a wooden cabinet and then bathes it with light. The modular structure is made from mulch-layered birch wood with oak veneer and comes flat packed in four pieces for relatively easy assembly. It features a universal stainless clamp which holds the bike's rear wheel in place and can be adjusted depending on the the size of the wheel.

The cabinet also comes equipped with an overhead stainless steel clothes rack with four leather hooks and a series of wooden poles, which can move around depending on the user's needs. It has been designed to accommodate all the accessories that go with a cycling lifestyle, including the helmet, jacket, water bottle, pad lock etc.

One down side to this product is its weight, which at 90 kg (198 lb) would make delivery outside of Italy very expensive.

Bike Butler

The Bike Butler is a bike-holder in the form of a compact stand. The free-standing unit avoids the need to drill holes into the wall and allows the users to simply hook their bike onto the center. Made from mulch-layered birch with beech-wood veneer and a stainless steel tube-shaped base, the Bike Butler features an inbuilt shelf and drawer designed for storing and organizing bike accessories such as helmet, keys, lock etc.

The third unit in the collection, the Bike Butler +, is the luxury version of its counterpart and features dark hues, leather lined tray and a wheel clamp covered in dark-brown leather.

Both units weigh 24 kg (53 lb) and can be easily moved around the home.

All Vado Libero products are designed and made in Italy and will be available for purchase in Europe later this year. Prices are yet to be released.

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