Not every cyclist can stow away their bikes in a garage or handy home annex. Apartment dwelling riders don't have much space indoors, but won't want to leave their bikes outside either. You could hang a bike on hooks on the wall, but Italy's Vadolibero has combined a vertical bike rack with a floor lamp for a stylish solution to cycle storage in the home.

Vadolibero calls its bike stand/lamp hybrid the Vertik. It has a 50 cm (19.6 in) diameter revolving polyurethane base shaped like an oversized screw head. Rising from one side is the main aluminum bike support, designed to resemble the company's handlebar logo, that doubles as a 5,500 lumen, 4,000 K LED light strip.

To the top rear of the support are notches to screw in a metal rod, so that the stand can be adjusted to accommodate just about any bicycle – from fat bikes to street racers to mountain bikes. The dimmable lamp is powered on and adjusted using a touch-enabled switch to the top rear of the bike support/lamp.

The two-wheeler is lifted vertically into position with the front forks resting on the support rod and secured in place with a strap. The back wheel slots inbetween the groove in the base.

The 151.5 cm (59.6 in) tall Vertik bike stand/lamp tips the scales at 22 kg (48.5 lb) and is scheduled for October shipping. But space-saving style doesn't come cheap – it carries a €1,950 (US$2,300) price tag.

Source: Vadolibero

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