One of the most lamented parts of smartphones for audiophiles is the sound quality. To an undiscerning ear, the sound is fine, but for users who want to hear every last detail of the music, smartphones just can't hack it. V-MODA has already thrown its name into the smartphone sound enhancing battle with its VAMP case for iPhone 4/4S. Now it's back with a new option for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII, and Samsung Galaxy Note II users called the VAMP VERZA, and its companion case the Metallo.

The biggest difference between the new VAMP VERZA and the original VAMP is that the original was always attached, which obviously made the iPhone quite a bit larger. The VERZA, while still large, attaches to the phone only while in use, so during the rest of the day it can be tucked in a bag and the smartphone can keep its sleeker lines.

Just like the first VAMP, the new one comes with a 150mW x 2 amplifier, two DACs (digital-to-analog converters), and a 2200mAh battery pack. However, the differences come in the methods used for conversion. The VERSA supports micro USB, which means Android phones like the Galaxy S III and Note II can be used with the device.

Besides greatly enhancing the sound quality of a smartphone, the VERSA can be hooked up to an A/V receiver, DJ mixer or aftermarket car stereo via Toslink or SPDIF optical audio. Standard PCs and Macs can be hooked up to the device as well.

As far as controls go, there are plenty of options on the VERSA. It has rotary dial for controlling the volume, a variable gain switch to adjust output levels, switches for sound enhancement and more.

The 2200mAh battery pack can be used to charge any USB-powered device, and it features enough power to charge larger devices such as an iPad.

The other part of the equation comes from the machined aluminum Metallo case. It comes with a special locking mechanism designed to secure the phone to the VAMP VERSA.

The VAMP VERSA retails for US$598 and comes in matte black, shadow (red and brushed black metal) and white with orange accents. It's available now. The Metallo case will retail for $101 and is available for preorder. V-MODA expects to deliver the Samsung Galaxy S III version of the case in the next two weeks. The company will have a limited run of iPhone 5 cases available in a month, and cases for the Samsung Galaxy S IV, Note II and select devices will be available after that.

Source: V-MODA

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