Copenhagen's Coh&Co says that its upcoming VeloSled – affectionately dubbed Anna – was inspired by the Inuit "qamutiik" dog sleds, but swaps pooch power for a human rider. The visually arresting cargo bicycle is reported to be the lightest and toughest in the firm's family of two wheelers, and its extra long rack out front can be accessorized to transport people, the family dog and, of course, all manner of cargo.

Anna is Coh&Co's vision of what a "Long John" cargo bike – where the cargo area generally sits out front and some form of "linkage steering" system – should look like. Rather than aluminum or steel, the firm has opted for a lightweight and durable carbon fiber frame with a familiar diamond shape to the back and a long arm jutting forward from the crank toward the front wheel.

That chunky arm supports a 1,200 mm (47 in) cargo rack, with enough room for transporting adults and children, groceries and ply boards or tools. The rack is modular in nature, with a range of accessories available to complement the ride, and is claimed capable of hauling up to 200 kg (440 lb). "The stiffness of the frame makes sure that even heavy loads won't make her shiver," said the company.

If that carrying capacity has your leg muscles cowering in the corner, an electric hub motor can be optioned in to assist. Elsewhere, there's wishbone suspension, redundant cable steering, the rider seat can be adjusted forward or back (as well as up and down), and the cargo bike ditches the chain for belt drive, for a clean and quiet ride.

Anna was first introduced in February, and has since been making public appearances at trade shows around Europe, including last month's Eurobike in southern Germany. The VeloSled is due for release in September with a starting price of €3,000 (about US$3,500).

Source: Coh&Co

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