There are two types of mice in the world. Firstly, there’s the Mickey, Speedy Gonzales, Stuart Little and Despereaux type of mouse, which are mostly harmless and a bit of fun. Then there’s the filthy rodent type that causes much damage and spreads disease. Pest control specialist Victor is hoping the saying “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door” rings true as it releases its "Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap", a device that zaps mice dead in less than three seconds and reloads almost instantly to execute the next victim.

Victor says its rodent-killing device has 100 percent efficacy and is the most advanced rodent control system available in the market. And it’s safer than using poisonous baits which may be harmful to children or pets, as can be standard spring-loaded mouse traps.

To catch the pests, bait the trap with peanut butter or bacon bits and the mice will walk to their doom through one of two entry points, up the lab-tested staircase and into the Shock N’ Drop Chamber. To reach the bait, the rodent must make its way along three electrically-charged patented plates which kill the mouse humanely in less than three seconds. Victor says there are no escapes, ever.

After electrocution, the Shock N’ Drop Chamber automatically rotates and deposits the dead mouse in the collection drawer, keeping it hidden from sight (holds up to ten mice before needing to be emptied). The Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap automatically resets to capture the next mouse. The collection drawer holds up to 10 mice before it has to be emptied.

Fully automated, Victor says the trap has the ability to eliminate your rodent problem in just one night.

A built-in safety switch automatically deactivates the trap when the door is open and the unique tunnel design means the trap is safe around children and pets (unless you have pet mouse).

The traps requires four C-size batteries (included) which will eliminate up to 150 mice. The Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap sells for US$99.99. The Victor promo video is below.

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