Next time your hands are feeling sore following a particularly grueling gaming session, spare a thought for the digits of Okan Kaya, who just broken the Guinness World Record for longest gaming session with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, reaching over 121 hours of solid gameplay and counting.

With a keen eye on marketing, the Sydney-based sales manager embarked upon his quest at his employer's offices last Tuesday, November 13, in a bid to topple the previously held record of 120 hours which was set by a Canadian duo back in March of this year.

“This morning I actually broke through the barrier, and I had my extremely supportive team at 4Cabling with me here to celebrate,” said the impressively coherent Kaya. “However, I'm playing through till at least later tonight. I don't want to just beat the record – I want to smash it!”

Over the course of his 120-plus hours of Call of Duty, Kaya climbed to 49th in the leaderboards of Black Ops 2's 4.9 million players. He has continued to exercise and receive regular health checks, and he has taken a total of 20 hours worth of breaks since the attempt began.

As of writing, the record-setting video game session is still ongoing and those wishing to watch Kaya in action can do so by checking out the updates and live-stream which are available via the source link below.

Source: 4Cabling